📷 Naturalistic journey in Finland

What is:
photographic trip
Where: When:
September 17, 2023 - September 23, 2023
Adressed to:
details coming soon
A trip for photographer in search of the natural beauty of the far north. In the Taiga of Finnish Lapland we will go in search of wild animals, incredible landscapes, the Northern Lights, rivers, lakes and waterfalls and much more. Brown bears, sea eagles, Siberian jays, flying squirrels, reindeer and many other animals will be the protagonists of this journey, among the wonderful colors of ruska, the foliage of Finland...

Fabio Ghisu
Via G. Caproni, 29 | 38121 Trento, Italia
P.IVA: 02489780227
Tel: +39 320 8640504


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