📷 Naturalistic journey in Slovenia

What is:
photographic trip
Where: When:
July 05, 2024 - July 07, 2024
Adressed to:
passionate about photography and nature
details coming soon
A journey for lovers of nature photography, who want to start this animals research adventure and to take photos of the species, included the brown bear and the ural owl in a coniferous beech trees forest in the Notranjska Park in Southern Slovenia. We will use a photographic hut to admire and take pictures of many bears living in this environment.
We will walk through the woods hoping to meet the Ural Owl and other wild animals, such as deer, hare, wolf, etc.
We will admire so many blooms that abound in this period, from wild peony to wild orchids.

Fabio Ghisu
Via G. Caproni, 29 | 38121 Trento, Italia
P.IVA: 02489780227
Tel: +39 320 8640504


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