My name is Fabio Ghisu, I am a nature photographer, videomaker, an Environmental and Hiking Guide (of AIGAE) and basic canoe instructor (of FICT).

I organize events related to nature photography and hiking (by foot and by canoe).

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I was born in Trento, with both parents from Sardinia. I have always considered Sardinia and Trentino my homelands. Since I was a child I feel I am from the sea of the South and the lakes of the North, from the old Sardinian mountains and from the young Alps of Trentino, from the city life of Trento and from the rural life of Siligo, my father’s village. These places have made me a photographer.
Over the years I have traveled around Italy, Europe and the world. I spent a lot of time especially in Latin America: Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, Cuba. I lived in Panama. My house was on a tropical island in the Bocas del Toro archipelago, in the Caribbean Sea. I met the hummingbirds and since then an uncontrollable passion for nature, the wild one, has not stopped me anymore. In recent years I have begun to frequent the lands of Northern Europe and Southern Africa.



Since 2017 I am an Environmental and Hiking Guide. I collaborate with different guides and tour operator.

Since 2018 I have been collaborating with the Viote Botanical Garden of Muse (Science Museum of Trento) in the creation of artistic macro photography courses which take place every year in the months of June and July. In 2023 I organized a photographic exhibition about the fauna of Trentino inside the Botanical Garden.

Since 2019 I am Basic Instructor of the Italian Tourist Canoe Federation. I organize courses, excursions and canoe trips.

Since 2022 I have been traveling to Mozambique to collaborate with my brother Paolo Ghisu (freelance photographer, social storyteller) in the creation of photographic and video projects commissioned for various agencies and non-governmental organizations, including the World Bank, European Union and Helpcode.

Some of my photos have been published in Antonio Marchitelli's books "L'incredibile mondo dei rapaci notturni" and "La rondine, il balestruccio, il topino... e il rondone" (Pubblicazioni del Parco Adda Sud).

I have organized several photographic exhibitions on biodiversity, both personal and collective.

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