📷 Naturalistic journey in Yucatan
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November 07, 2020 - November 18, 2020
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passionate about photography and nature
A naturalistic photographic journey reserved for those who love adventure, curious, observers, tireless researchers and those who are not afraid of challenging themselves in the wild Nature.
When we talk about Mexico we usually picture in our mind paradisiacal beaches and incredible archaeological complexes immersed in the forest ... This country could actually be called the navel of the world where many species of animals and plants are born and live; this land has the exclusivity of hiding a treasure among its coasts, different biospheres and lagoons, making it unique.
Mexico tells the story of people and of the world.
Fabio Ghisu
Via G. Caproni, 29 | 38121 Trento, Italia | P.IVA: 02489780227

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