Sinis: Birdwatching and nature photography
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February 09, 2018 - December 31, 2018
Sinis is a peninsula in central western Sardinia. Its numerous ponds are very interesting places for birdwatching. In the heart of the Mediterranean sea, it is a crossroads of many migratory routes and we can consider it one of the most important "international airports" for birds in Europe.
Waterfalls of Sardinia: photography workshops
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February 01, 2019 - April 20, 2019
Several workshops on landscape photography will be offered during some weekends between February and April. We will capture images of watercourses, waterfalls and the surrounding environment in the best possible way. Each time we will visit a different waterfall. We will pass by the beautiful Capo Nieddu waterfalls, unique in Italy to fall directly into the sea, by the waterfalls of S'Istrampu 'e Su Segnore, along one of the most beautiful coasts of Sardinia, and others, hidden in the Mejlogu oak woods, or among the granites of Gallura... and many more!