Naturalistic journey in Yucatan
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January 24, 2020 - February 04, 2020
When we talk about Mexico we usually think images of paradisiacal beaches and incredible archaeological complexes immersed in the forest ... This country could actually be called the navel of the world where many species of animals and plants are born and live; this land has the exclusivity of enclosing a treasure among its coasts, different biospheres and lagoons, making it unique.
Mexico tells the story of people and of the world.
This naturalistic photographic journey is reserved for those who love adventure, curious, observers, tireless researchers and those who are not afraid of confronting themselves in the wild Nature.
Easter in Ogliastra: excursions in Sardinia
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April 04, 2020 - April 19, 2020
For two weeks around Easter you will find us in Ogliastra, in the wild heart of Sardinia. Many excursions along the coast and inland with the AIGAE guides Fabio Ghisu and Luca Piga.
It is possible to register for one or more days. Discover the calendar of excursions and the special offer for those who want to stay in a partner structure.
Naturalistic journey in Sardinia
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April 27, 2020 - May 03, 2020
A journey for lovers of nature photography, who want to start this adventure in search of animals, flowers and landscapes to be photographed in different natural oases of Sardinia.
Cliffs overlooking the sea, ancient oak forests, volcanic plateaus, hidden waterfalls, lagoons and ponds will be some of the environments we will visit.
We will be able to observe the inhabitants of these many and fascinating biotopes: pink flamingos, ospreys, marsh harriers, buzzards, owls, butterflies and Sardinian frogs.
Poppy fields, wild orchids and the full-bloom Mediterranean vegetation will fill our photographs of colors...
The way of the outside sea
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May 05, 2020 - May 10, 2020
5 days of trekking along the wild coast of Nurra, in the north-west of Sardinia, between Capo Falcone (Stintino) and Capo Caccia (Alghero) in collaboration with Activestay La Palma agency of Arco (TN).

Golden beaches and hidden coves, ancient mining villages and remote shepherd's trails, hills with Mediterranean flora and forests of centuries-old oaks, silver cliffs and limestone caves, songs of seabirds and flight of griffons...
...and much more…

in the Geo-mining Park of Sardinia and the Porto Conte Regional Natural Park
Naturalistic journey in Slovenia
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June 05, 2020 - June 07, 2020
A journey for lovers of nature photography, who want to start this adventure in search of animals to photograph, in a forest of conifers and beech trees in the Notranjska Park in Southern Slovenia. We will use a photographic hut to admire and take pictures of many bears living in this environment.
We will walk through the woods in the hope of meeting the Ural Owl and other wild animals, such as deer, hare, wolf, etc.
We will appreciate the numerous blooms that abound in this period, from wild peony to wild orchids.
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